In 1986, Jeff Bloise founded JB Mill & Fabricating, building custom pallets and crates out of a one-man shop on three acres of land. Before long, he evolved into a fully operational mill, adding lumber and a variety of wood products to his production.

Thirty years later, still family-owned and operated, JB Mill & Fabricating has grown its business onto 35 acres with over 100 employees.

Our competitive production of diverse wood products such as crates, pallets, roll suspension and much more has brought us to customers in over 25 states. We are also proud to be recognized as one of the top producers and suppliers of hardwood lumber to local furniture makers.

We take pride in our reputation and landowner relationships. We work with landowners to customize forest management plans and pay competitive prices creating satisfied clients along with fulfilling our production plan.

Contact us anytime for a free timber evaluation or quote on your lumber requirements.