Industrial Wood Products

We manufacture and supply industrial wood products of all types, customized to your needs. From 2 x 4’s to complex packaging crates, our mill and fabricators are capable of building wood products to fit your needs.

Here at JB Mill we take pride in the ability to use all forest materials to leave absolutely zero waste.

  • Specialty and customized pallets
  • Customized wooden shipping crates and boxes
  • Roll suspension packaging
  • Custom cut plywood
  • Bridge construction/crane mats
  • Grooved lumber for load strapping
  • Sized softwood and/or hardwood blocking
  • Any species of HW cribbing (including oak)
  • Mulch and sawdust
  • Pine (yellow and SPF)
  • Heat treat for export
  • Cut-to-size lumber
  • Dimensional lumber
  • Railroad ties
  • Size lagging